Welcome to the IAPRD 2022 World Congress

Diagnosing and Treating Movement Disorders in the Era of Personalized Medicine

We are excited to welcome you back in person to the IAPRD congresses! We begin again with Prague, one of Europe’s beautiful cities with its hundreds of spires and colorful Baroque buildings set on the Vlata River.

On behalf of the Board of the International Association of Parkinsonism and Related Disorders (IAPRD), it is our pleasure to invite you to join us for the XXVII World Congress on Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders to be held 01 – 04 May 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic! 

This Congress will feature a comprehensive educational program in movement disorders led by a global faculty, including classroom seminars, mentorship sessions, discussion of video cases, and enhanced poster interactions. Plenary and parallel sessions will be devoted to the latest updates on treatments targeting disease cause, advanced pump and neurosurgical therapies, individualized approaches to patient care, and on how genetics and disease subtyping are changing our approach to movement disorders. The final day will include debates on controversial issues in our field.

Prague, our venue for IAPRD 2022, was established more than a thousand years ago and is aptly called “the golden city of a hundred spires.” Prague offers glimpses of history at every turn, with its graceful bridges spanning the Vltava River and its colorful Old Town Square with buildings from every era of the city’s past. Set in in this enchanting city is the modern Prague Congress Center, designed as an open, friendly, and inspirational location for international meetings such as ours.

This meeting is designed to encourage interactions among colleagues across different countries and career stages and has a personal and collegial feel.

We invite you to join us in Prague 2022 for this exciting World Congress!

Daniel Truong, MD
President IAPRD

Andreas Puschman, MD
Chair SPEC

Joohi Jiminez-Shahed, MD
SPEC Co-Chair

Jan Roth

Jan Roth, MD
Regional Organizing Committee Co-Chair

Irena Rektorová, MD
Regional Organizing Committee Co-Chair

Maja Trošt, MD
Regional Organizing Committee CO-Chair


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